One Shot Events


Long Lease - Resident Printer



Our Instagram Printer for events is ideal in case of occurrences (therefore being transversal). Since it involves promotion, it is variably declinable to many industries, particularly fashion, food, weddings, tourism and hotels.

Commercially, we propose both "one shot" renting formulas for single events, or long leases whenever the client asks for a "resident" service (for example, for tourism enterprises like institutions/resorts and hotels, or airport lounge rooms).

Thanks to Johannes Live Printer printer, an event can come to life and become memorable. Participants will use a hashtag designated for that special occasion and Johannes, automatically, will print photos in no time, thus giving the opportunity to immediately transfer the image from the social network to the print media.

Our new generation printer opens up to a new in which pictures are printed. Gardening just three simple steps to activate the print function from Instagram.

Participants in an event taking the photos on their mobile device thus capturing moments that will remain indelible. Subsequently, participants upload photos on the social network Instagram specifying the hashtag designated for that type of event. Johannes accesses photos that contain that specific hashtag and print tagged images to all participants. Johannes offers an innovative and creative service that allows you to keep the best memories for a long time, combining social and paper.